Working papers:

‘Big plant closures and agglomeration economies,’ (with J Jofre-Monseny & M Sánchez-Vidal) SERC Discussion Paper No’ SERCDP0179 and IEB Working Paper Series, 2015/19 (Submitted)

‘Express delivery to de suburbs? Transportation efectes in heterogeneous Europen cities,’ (With MA Garcia-López & I Pasidis) (Preliminary draft. May 2015)

‘Banking and entrepreneurship. Evidence from the Spanish Banking Expansion,’ (with P. Arqué) IEB WP Series 2013/08 (Submitted)

‘Market potential and city growth: 1860-1960,’ (with R González-Val and D. Tirado) IEB WP Series 2013/13 (R&R)

‘Local spending and the housing boom,’ (with A. Solé-Ollé) IEB WP Series 2011/27

In preparation:

‘Can urban renewal policies reverse ethnic tipping points?,’ (with N. González-Pampillón & J. Jofre-Monseny)

‘Infrastructures and cities: The incidence of new highways on urban growth,’ (with MA García-López & A. Holl)

‘Job decentralization, subcenter formation and public transportation,’ (with MA García-López & C. Hémet)

‘Infrastructures and congestion: are new roads’ investments reducing or fostering congestion?,’ (with MA García-López & I Pasidis)