Working Papers

  • Calling from the outside: The role of networks in residential mobility. CEPR Discussion Paper CEPR-DP13615 (with Konstantin Buechel, Max v. Ehrlich & Diego Puga)
  • Amphitheaters, cathedrals and operas: The role of historic amenities on suburbanization (with Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López & Ilias Pasidis) CEPR DP13129
  • The political economy of coastal destruction (with Pierre Magontier & Albert Solé-Ollé) PoliticalEconomyCoast021119
  • Banking the unbanked: Evidence from the Spanish Banking Expansion Plan (with Pere Arqué) WP Arque-Viladecans-oct2016


Building(s and) cities: Delineating urban areas with a machine learning algorithm Journal of Urban Economics (Forthcoming)(with Daniel Arribas-Bel & Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López)

Can urban renewal policies reverse neighborhood ethnic dynamics? Journal of Economic Geography. 20/2, 419-457, 2020 (with Nicolás. González-Pampillón & Jordi Jofre-Monseny)

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